What some of Kim’s clients are saying:


“Kim is a godsend for my mother. She learned that mum used to love to swim, but can’t now that she is confined to a wheelchair in a home without a pool. That wasn’t a barrier to Kim: she researched the options, found an accessible pool nearby, built up mum’s confidence, and now takes her swimming once a week, much to mum’s absolute delight. Kim is respectful and encouraging of mum’s will and judgement. She never pushes her to do things before she’s ready. If mum is feeling too anxious to swim one day, she gently walks her through her options and praises mum’s right to choose what she wants to do.”

– Marc from Toronto


“Kim sends us the most wonderful emails summarizing each of her sessions, sometimes with accompanying pictures, like one with my mom mixing cookie dough that brought me to tears: she used to love to cook, and Kim made it happen! If you have a loved one in the Toronto area who could use similar attention, hire Kim.”

– Michelle from Toronto


“Kim was an important part of the support team for my father during his time in hospital. Her sessions included enriching walks down memory lane, music-filled afternoons, guided conversation over tea/icecream, participation in on-site recreation that he would otherwise not have attended, and community outings that were possible because of Kim. These more than met our goal of maximizing my father’s quality of life during his hospital stay. She always tailored their activities to his level of focus and energy – an indication of her excellence as a Recreation Therapist. Clear and regular communication from Kim kept us well informed, and helped reduce stress by knowing dad would have the best day he could when she was spending time with him. I highly recommend Kim.”

– Doug from Hamilton


Kim truly cared and established genuine connection with my Mum. One day, while I was working in the other room, I could see that Kim was holding my Mum’s hand while recounting special memories with her from a photo album. This moved me to tears; the two had such a special connection. Kim is truly a ray of sunshine that makes seniors’ lives so much better. I find her job to be more of a calling and that certainly showed in the interactions she had with my Mum who was literally beaming with joy every time she saw her! I would highly recommend her services.

– Marta from Toronto