private practice recreation therapist toronto ontario life in fullHello and welcome!

I’m Kim, a private practice Recreation Therapist in Toronto, Ontario, passionate about improving quality of life for individuals through meaningful leisure!

To date, I’ve worked in long-term care as well as hospital and rehabilitation settings, and – of course – am now pleased to meet my clients in the community, their homes, and various living facilities. I have experience providing Recreation Therapy to adults and seniors across a wide range of physical and cognitive challenges, including: various dementias and Alzheimer’s disease, developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and varied mental health diagnoses.

I currently serve the city of Toronto, Ontario, and meet my clients in the community, their homes, and in various living facilities.

One-to-one, personalized Recreation Therapy is at the core of what I do and how I’m able to provide my highest level of my care and service.

My approach to Recreation Therapy is grounded in the individual. I assess my client in-depth on their leisure preferences, patterns, past and future interests, strengths, barriers, attitudes, diagnoses, support systems, functional abilities…you get the picture, I do my research! Together we then establish tailored goals and a schedule of sessions.

My absolute favourite part about working one-on-one with a client has to be finding what “lights their fire.” Everyone has something that they love, that brings a sparkle to their eye or gets them chatting endlessly. I feel my job is to discover what that is and help them achieve it. (Read more about the services I provide to reach those client goals here!)

I feel privileged to be helping individuals overcome barriers, engage in meaningful leisure, realize a more fulsome quality of life, and most importantly, regain a sense of choice and joy in their treatment journey to live their life in full

If you would like to connect with me to learn more or book a consultation for yourself or a loved one, I’m happy to hear from you! You can email me directly here.

Also please feel free to check out the types of clients I work with and the therapeutic services I provide.